What is the Sensory Garden?

Home Beneath Our Feet is excited to announce the building of our All-Inclusive Sensory Garden at 1117 Ellicott St Buffalo NY 14209. The Garden will be an all-inclusive, wheelchair-accessible garden area where the community can experience their senses being met with garden delights.

Our Buffalo neighborhood has suffered physically and mentally over these past couple of years. Physically from an inability to be mobile and be outside. Mentally we have sustained trauma from isolation, fear, and loss of loved ones due to the recent terrorist attack at our local food market and the pandemic. We are victims of social, economic, and environmental inequalities that have been intensified. We will begin to heal through the transformation of our green spaces.

Our goal is to create a fully equipped, All-Inclusive Sensory Garden that allows space for adults and youth alike to learn and relax. We will have a variety of beds that will stimulate each of our senses. There will also be garden beds specifically designed for wheelchair accessibility. Our gardens are a place of healing and growth.

We are raising money to improve our Environment as a vehicle to Educate and Empower communities in Buffalo. a

  • The money donated will go towards building up this neighborhood in a number of impactful ways:
  • – Building raised wheelchair-accessible beds to provide physical, social and holistic benefits to those that are wheelchair bound

  • – Building sensory beds that will offer enriching activities like Educational classes, Yoga classes, and Gardening workshops.

  • – Build partnerships with local schools and youth organizations to plant the seed early and create young farmers and environmental activists

You can support by donating below!

Support the Sensory Garden

To raise money for the All-Inclusive Sensory Garden we are offering garden stones for sale. These garden stones will be displayed in the beds of the garden and available for viewing anytime!

Three options are available.

Option 1:
Basic Garden Stone

Engraved with any full name and one line sentiment with the Memorial Garden design

Flat on reverse side, center is hollow

Measures 1.5″ H x 11.5″ W x 7.5″ D


Option 2:
Heart-Shaped Garden Stone

Features an angel wing design with a memorial quote

Measures 9.75″ L x 10.25″ W x .5″ H

Constructed of polyresin and sand material

Flat on reverse side, so it sits easily in your garden or walkway


Option 3:
Cardinal Garden Stone

Features motion sensor and when motion is detected it will play musical notes of a bird chirping

Measures 13″ H x 12″ W x 2.5″ D

Constructed of polyresin

Crafted with the look of real stone; variations in color and texture may appear

Made for outdoors, but recommended to bring inside during inclement weather


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