Gardening improves and changes kids’ lives, their communities, and the planet.


Are your children bored during the summer break? Enroll them in our summer growth program! Not only will they have fun growing their own food, but they will also learn valuable life skills that will help them navigate through life’s challenges. 

In this 5-week program students will learn life lessons through gardening. We will teach the importance of planting seeds, nurturing those seeds and seeing their growth process, not only literally but metaphorically as well.  Our students will be growing their own crops while learning the meaning of life in a holistic way. They will learn how to harvest, clean and cook the crops they grow. Students will be working in groups and on their own. It is very important to learn how to work together as a team but also how to work alone and stay on task. 


Gardening helps children:

  • – Slow down and notice things, calm their minds and bodies
  • – Reconnect to their natural surroundings, their senses, bodies, and minds
  • – Eat better by connecting to where their fruits and veggies come from
  • – Cultivate a growth mindset, learning to appreciate “mistakes” as fun opportunities to try something new the next time


You can view, download or print our summer growth program application here!


*Due to Covid 19 space is limited.

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