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Where Every Step Counts

Gardening helps children:

Slow down, notice things, and calm their mind and bodies

Reconnect to their natural surroundings, their senses, bodies, and minds

Eat better by connecting to where their fruits and veggies come from

Cultivate a growth mindset by learning to appreciate “mistakes” as fun opportunities to grow

Home Beneath Our Feet, Inc.

Home Beneath Our Feet, Inc. is a nonprofit organization geared towards providing our youth the platform to become the best version of themselves through the art of gardening and a holistic education initiative. The application of agriculture will expose key principles we could and should utilize in our everyday lives. Home Beneath Our Feet, Inc was founded on the premise that every child deserves a great education while acquiring basic life skills. Youth will gain awareness of themselves as they reflect upon the life cycle of a seed by nurturing it and watching it evolve into the best version of its creation.
We, at Home Beneath Our Feet, believe a good inner balance and a nutritional diet is the pathway to happiness. Our mission is driven by our passion for children and bettering our community. The preparation of growing and harvesting food allows us to take care of ourselves, our community, and our planet in a humbled and organic fashion. Through our program, the youth will learn life lessons through gardening which provides a variety of benefits such as behavioral health, violence prevention, and nutritional value.

Our Mission

Using a nature-focused curriculum, Home Beneath Our Feet seeds the development of children, youth, and adults through artistic, physical, financial, and personal initiatives to improve quality of life in our community.

Sprouting Moments

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